Jacqueline Fernandez talks about her legs
When Jacqueline Fernandez tiptoed her way to launch Scholl Velvet Smooth Express pedi (a do-it-at-home electronic foot file), it was hard not to get the starlet to talk about how she pampers her hands and feet.
And so she reveals her leg workout, her favourite nail color and more…
For soft hands and feet…
I use The Body Shop hand cream and body butter to keep them moisturised, and the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi gives my feet flaunt-worthy skin in a matter of minutes.
A nail art trend I'm loving…
French manicure. I think it's making a huge comeback.

The Perfect Match

Hand + toe nails
I make sure they do not exactly match but are always co-ordinated.
Toe nails + Footwear
When you are wearing strappy shoes, subtle pink toe nails look really nice.
Nails + Make-up
If I am going heavier on the make-up, I opt for a blood red nail paint as it looks glamorous. Generally, I pretty much like to go au naturel with my basic French manicure.
Favourite colour for toenails…
Favourite exercise for legs…
Lunges. It tones my legs and according to me, shapely legs are very attractive.

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