L'urv Activewear release Wild Card collection

Remember when you made that New Year’s resolution to ‘get fit’? Melbourne’s L’urv are creating activewear that is the greatest incentive to keep it. Their newest collection, Wild, has drawn on the sportsluxe trend and natural prints to bring Beyonce’s fierceness to your next gym excursion. L'urv have kept focus on strengthening the link between sports and streetwear strong by utilising silhouettes that aren't just for working out. Their new range fetures textures and colours that have been splashed across leggings, shirts, crop tops, jackets and shorts for sports, dance and yoga. It's common knowledge that activewear is the most comfortable and convenient type of clothing, so L'urv have vamped it up to stylishly get you from gym to brunch, or straight to brunch.

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